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пустынная, крыса, sunabouzu
Captain's log
Бортовой журнал
MUST... KILL... HUMANS!!!!! 
6-июн-2005 04:50 am
пустынная, крыса, sunabouzu
Уроки самозащиты для джентльмена.

Для айкидохов - хоть и англичаны, а один хрен без ирими никуда. Так-то. Хотя британцы научились этому, скорее всего, в Индии.
6-июн-2005 09:49 am
удар в душу и по сопатке
7-июн-2005 09:37 am
From Pearson’s Magazine, 11 (January 1901)... It has recently been assimilated by me into my system of self-defence called "Bartitsu."

Вот оно!
7-июн-2005 09:45 am - Ну да.
Edward William Barton-Wright was born in India in 1860 and educated in Germany and France. While working as a mining engineer in Japan during the 1890s he trained in jujutsu and judo, and upon moving to London in 1899, he opened a self-defense academy at which he and his mostly Japanese instructors taught a system of self-defense that he called "Bartitsu." The method was limned in several British magazines, and featured as "Baritsu" in Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Empty House."
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